Happy 18th Birthday! Brooke is a senior at Palos Verdes High School – graduating early and heading to Las Vegas for school. This session was such fun – she was a complete natural in front of the camera.










  • Susie Busskohl - These are amazing Lisa! You did a fantastic job- thanks so much :)

  • Kelly Gresh - Wow! How beautiful she is…so sad she is all grown up and ready to leave…but looking good doing it!!!!!!

  • Kim Brothers - Beautiful! Brooke your smile lights up the entire great outdoors!:) Lisa Roah – you are an amazing artist and I love your work – but who can call that work with a gorgeous subject like Brooke!!!

  • Holly Lochridge - These pictures are amazing! What a beautiful young woman! The photos are so tastefully done. Brooke you are gorgeous!

  • Kyle Humphrey - Wow, what incredible pictures of a truly beautiful teenager! Brooke is so much like her mother Susie..so natural & yet so stunning. These photos seemed to have captured Brooke’s essence-she appears so relaxed and so genuinely happy. Congrats to the photographer for doing such a great job…which I’m sure was VERY easy since Brooke probably couldn’t take a bad pic if she tried :)

  • Kathryn Allen - Absolutely beautiful Brooke…you should consider entering beauty pagents, you could be the next Miss USA. You are stunning! What a lovely and natural smile. Mom and dad have good genes!

  • Diane Covington - Brooke is so Beautiful in these pictures and so grown up. Boy do I feel old. She definitely looks like her mom, my sister. Good luck in all you do Brooke. Love your aunt Diane.

  • Jennifer Moschel - Wow! Brooke looks awesome! What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Senior pictures were not like this when we were growing up! Best of Luck this year, The Moschels

  • Martha/John Betsill - Lisa, what beautiful pictures. We always knew that we have a beautiful grandaughter. Now, your photos prove it.

  • Ken Ciancimino - So beautiful!!! You and S must be so proud…..she really has grown up…lots of love…KC

  • Jean - What GREAT pictures! I especially like the black and whites. Of course it helps that Brooke is sooo pretty!

  • Rick Montefusco - Love these pics of Brooke – especially all the ones with the close-up of her face. Really captured the real beauty of her in those. (second and third pics are my absolute favorites)

  • Lynette - Awesome pictures, Brooke. You have your mom’s beautiful smile!
    Good luck to you!

  • Julian Concepcion - Love the colors, contrast & vibrance of these pictures. Definitely captured her essence & beauty with those eyes and that Brooke smile. Just beautiful!

  • Mary Rendina - Beautiful young lady looks more like her mama every day. Love you Brookie!

  • Jani Lawrence - You have grown up to be such a beautiful young woman! Your charm and inner beauty shines through in all of these pictures. Your photographer no doubt had a blast with you since you are such a natural for the camera. You ARE one of God’s most precious child. I love you!

Reese quite enjoyed having her pictures taken. Piper wasn’t so sure. So lots of tickling and piggy backs later, smiles prevailed.:)








  • Mia - Oh, Lisa….LOVE what you’re showing me so far! Thank you so much!

  • Mike Lambert - Great pics! Love the colors and smiles. Looks like you’ve got what you need for the holiday greeting cards.

  • ina dalsemer - They are wonderful. Definitely shows the girls’ personalities.
    Love them all.

  • Adrienne Dalsemer - Love these! Especially the one with Mia and the girls! :)

  • Deb Lambert - The girls are lovely, sis! I miss them and YOU so so much.

  • deborah lambert - Bellissimi!

  • Hai Cha - Absolutely beautiful pictures, love the lights and contrast.
    It captured the essence of the happy family.

  • Ian - You rocked it Lisa!!!… Thank you!

  • Granka MIke - Absolutely beautiful shots. Lisa, you’ve got the knack! Thanks for capturing our family so naturally.

  • Hai Cha - Amazing shots. How do you get the children to respond so well.

    Vic and HaiCha Lambert

  • Vic Lambert - Terrific shots. I love the vibrancy and color, the focus of Reese and Piper!

A quick blog post as I am buried in editing right now! October has been CRAZY! Their grandmother called me about getting some canvases for their home – she wanted some new headshots of all her grandkids. Ages ranging from 1-11 yrs old… we fit everyone in between soccer practice and dinner! We are going to do black and white canvases, but I thought I would show these in color for their moms.

Hunter_2 blog




Emery gets two photos on the blog… one smiling and one serious. I don’t think she was still for more than 45 seconds the whole time I had the camera pointed at her. Her cousin Kailey was a huge help!



BLOG_Gregory copy

  • Rory Hunter - I love love love how all of the photos turned out. Great job Lisa. Our six were not an easy crew to work with.

  • Liz Underhill - ABSOLUTELY amazing pictures of some beautiful kiddos… you caught all of their personalities so well… their moms and grandmas should be very proud!!

  • Patti Bloomfield - These photos are capture the kids and their personalities so perfect!